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GREX is a private market platform, and its associated ecosystem, that helps companies access multiple financial products as they grow from Incubator to IPO. On the other hand, the platform allows all the investors including private individuals, institutional investors, as well as lending firms, to participate in the growth journey of the companies from early to late stage until they remain unlisted. GREX allows multiple capital solutions, including the equity, debt, hybrid and newer/innovative products, that the companies can invoke based on their suitability to the stage and cash flow of the company. This allows for a better return realization for all participants on the GREX platform, while the integrated approach creates opportunities for potential multiplier effect.

As it professes active, informed investing, GREX requires companies to provide their mandatory and additional optional information at all times. This primary information forms the basis of a lot of analysis and data-analytics that may help in decision support mechanisms – all housed into something that we call the Information Exchange (INFEX) at GREX.

This seamless exchange of transaction and its information across various participants in the financial markets creates an interconnected financial services platform that is much more efficient not just for itself but for all its participants. It, therefore, fosters deeper trust through improved transparency, compliance and best practices in investing.

The scope of GREX has been UNLISTED companies and its approach has been to solve challenges of the UNLISTED ecosystem (of the companies, its shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders) in a way that is mutually beneficial to everyone. GREX, therefore, is committed to work on designing, developing and providing financial and non-financial solutions to the ecosystem that serve this underserved need, within the ambit of the available regulations and legal framework.

GREX requires it to hold itself to the highest of process and governance standards to merit beholding the trust of the financial markets, companies and investors in general. It follows a governance framework where the board of the company does not frame rules that the market has to follow. It has a Governing Council that makes market rules. The Governing Council comprises of many leading lights of the ecosystem that GREX serves. No shareholder of GREX is part of the Governing Council.

We at GREX believe, and very strongly so, that good Corporate Governance establishes the strong foundations on which large enterprises can be built. We strongly believe that good Corporate Governance pays very rich dividends over a long term.

Therefore we have been working on developing a Governance System for GREX that embodies some of the best global practices in Corporate Governance. Following are some of the first principles that we have been working on establishing :

  • Separation of Ownership (of company) and Market Operations
    At GREX, we have a clear distinction between the Company Operations and the Market Operations. While the former is governed by the Board, the latter is governed by an independent Governing Council (formed out of eminent individuals from different backgrounds and expertise). The Executive Management works with both of them and supports both in achieving their objectives.
  • Mutual Independence of all functional bodies
    For each of the functional bodies to discharge of their responsibilities in due earnest, it was essential that they be free to function independently. The Board, Governing Council and the Executive Management at GREX work and function independently and this is being done seamlessly at GREX since its very inception.
  • Comprehensive Bye-Laws for the Market
    The GREX Platform is governed according to the bye-laws of the Market. These bye-laws are the accepted model that every participant on the platform will need to have basic adherence to thus forming the basis of a well governed, rule and process-based framework for the Market.
  • Guiding principles to define whatever we do.
    The Operations at GREX are run through a declared set of simple but powerful Guiding Principles that define some of the actions or inactions and even policy directions on how things work here.

While we want all our companies at GREX to follow high standards of corporate governance, it was imperative we take the lead in doing so ourselves. The above framework is a way of achieving the same. We pledge to be on the forefront of Corporate Governance and be willing to do more and change as per the needs of the times to ensure high standards of the same.

In any developing ecosystem, the first value creators have a tough job. And many die brutal deaths. Many of them would have survived and thrived had there been a better, more efficient climate.

GREX is an attempt to change the climate.

To make it easy for private investors and companies to do business with each other. To do more informed investing. To Discover, Invest and Grow.

To make the journey of professional entrepreneurs a little more focused, a little more efficient. Because they are the creators of value; not perceived, but real value. Value not just for themselves, but also for their investors, employees, vendors and almost everyone else associated with them.

To redefine value growth. For investors who only had a few options to invest.

To open the world of an exciting new asset class that promises to deliver not 10, 20 or 30% growth but 100, 200, 300% or more.

To reduce the risk of investment.

To engender a market where good companies do not go bust from want of capital. Where companies stay connected, capitalized and focused on creating non-linear value.

To create responsible companies for long-term value creation.

To give options. For long listed has been synonymous to large, transparent, etc. For long these benefits were restricted – not available to the larger lot until they listed. Not now. Not any longer. As the platform for Unlisted companies is here. To unlock value, to be known, followed and behave like the big ones.

To make it seamless. So that you can invest and exit effortlessly, and help yourself and the growing companies, again and again. Create a real thriving market – a market that exists to benefit us all.

GREX is creating the market. And a lot more!

If you want to be part of this thriving market, take the first steps in the journey for more...

Advantage Investors:

  • Access to High-growth UNLISTED companies
    UNLISTED company investors have got upto 10000% return on the invested capital by investing early-on*
  • Validated by Experts
    Companies are validated by external experts and approved by a qualified committee
  • Enter & Exit investments with a click
    GREX provides seamlessly integrated systems to enable liquidity through secondary markets, all with just a click!
  • Managed Portfolios
    Get your small companies portfolio managed by professionals with high market credibility
  • Co-invest with the best in industry
    You will get a chance to invest with well known investors - both domestic & international
  • Low ticket size
    Become an angel investor in multiple companies for as low as INR 5 lakhs
  • Be part of the Next Big Thing
    Be part of the journey of an entrepreneur in making his venture successful

Benefit Companies:

  • Get Visible & Get Productive
    Get visibility across prospective investors and partners
  • Access to large number of domestic & international investors
    Get investments from global investors
  • On-demand Capital
    Get multiple rounds of capital as and when you need it
  • Complete managed services
    The platform enables completely managed services so that you can just focus on growing your business
  • Get Right Valuation
    Discover your fair value from a large number of investors
  • Fair Terms
    Get standard term-sheet with investors on fair terms
  • Easy Information Management
    Showcase all your information at one place for sharing with multiple parties
  • Drive your company
    Drive your company in the right direction with active support from investors

  • Capital never comes when you are desperate
  • Capital has a cost. The current costs are prohibitively high and way too limited (in supply)
  • Building companies is joy. Joining forces, co-building companies is joyjoy
  • Sharing your company brings in multi-stakeholders interest, in turn bringing in its own benefits like resilience & strength
  • Credibility & Knowledge begets credit, which begets more credibility and credit
  • Value creators and value creation need to be freed to do exactly that. Every other resource must be made available to them Cheaper, Simpler and Easier
  • We only grow when our companies grow. Active growing companies as an investment is the only real investment one can make
  • Financial ecosystem is broken, twisted and inverted. Needs to be Simplified, Integrated and Straightened one step at a time
  • GREX is not a company. It’s a movement. As a company it has limitations. As a movement - it doesn't
  • Access to opportunities and growth(therefore) is most fundamental to democracy (real democracy). In other words, it’s a derived fundamental right. (Political freedom cannot be sustained without economic freedom)