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Investment Risk:

Any information made available from our website or links to websites, does not represent a solicitation of an offer to invest in unlisted companies. It also does not constitute an offer to provide investment advice, service or assistance on particular investment or transaction. Investment in unlisted companies on this Platform involves a high degree of risk and user takes investment decision on his own examination and caution. It is the responsibility of the recipient to verify the integrity and authenticity of the information made available.


Any contents or links to websites displayed by GREX may contain legally privileged and/or confidential material and is intended only for the person or entity to which it is made available/addressed. The said contents should not be reproduced, distributed, disclosed or copied in any manner by anyone else. The availability of information may not indicate that GREX has endorsed and verified the content itself at any time.


We strongly recommend unlisted companies to disclose true, correct and complete information about themselves and be compliant of all applicable laws and GREX shall not be liable for any default on their behalf. We believe that information contained or provided in the links to specified websites is correct but we give no warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. It may be provided as a general information only and may not take into account your particular circumstances. Any information does not purport to be investment advice and you must not act in reliance on it. We disclaim all liability (including liability for negligence) for direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by any recipient acting in reliance on any information made available, as it is provided for your interest and convenience only.

GREX is not a Stock Exchange:

GREX is not a Stock Exchange and does not intend to get recognized as a stock exchange under Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1956, as GREX does not enable any kind of trading and public issue of securities. We are not a SEBI registered entity and do not require the same as we are only an private and closed group for information exchange. We do not actively assist, regulate or control the business of investment transactions and buying, selling or dealing in securities. Our Platform is not open for the public in general. Private Limited and Unlisted Companies raise funds from a closed group of investors herein and this Platform is a private network of individuals; and these companies are not listed on any SEBI recognized Stock Exchanges of India.

We are an information exchange platform and are compliant of applicable rules, regulations and amendments; and the requirements of Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1956 are not applicable. We also strongly recommend Companies of our Platform to comply with all provisions of Companies Act, 2013 (including Section 42) and other Rules. By using the website or information, tools, features on the website constitutes acceptance of Terms of use and Privacy Policy of GREX.